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Perch Fees

Accepting birds from March 4 until June 1, replacements until June 1.

$200 Per Bird


5 or more birds for $160 each

$50 of the perch fee will be applied towards capital prizes for the Second Wind Race (350 miles). This is nonrefundable and must be sent with birds. No exceptions

Starting April 20 we will open entries on a first come basis according to our waiting list.

When signing up as a team or syndicate one person must be designated as the contact person as they will be responsible for all fees,winnings and birds.

(Fees & Perch form must be sent with birds. No exceptions)

Ship birds to the following address:

California Classic

15622 Lyons Valley Rd

Jamul, CA 91935

Entry Fee

$350 Per Bird

Entry fees are due immediately after the 140 mile race along with entry form.

No exceptions. Make checks payable to California Classic. All Birds must be activated.

$50 will go toward average speed and the remaining $300 towards the 300 mile main event.

Average speed includes the 140, 190 and 300 mile races

Optional 350 ( Second Wind)

1 bird $150

2 birds $125 per bird

3 or more birds $100 per bird

Entry fee(s) will be due immediately after the 300 mile race, and must be accompanied by the Second Wind entry form.

Ship To:

California Classic
(619) 454-7696
15622 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA 91935

Note: Include all required forms