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Accepting birds from March 1 until June 15. Replacements until June 15.

Breeders wishing to receive their birds back after the race must send a shipping label with their current shipping information.

Starting April 24 we will open entries on a first come basis according to our waiting list.

Out of state breeders are required to pay their entry fees two weeks prior to the 300 mile race.

When signing up as a team or syndicate one person must be designated as the contact person as they will be responsible for all fees,winnings and birds.

Must be 21 years of age or older and a member of an accredited pigeon organization.

The race flown will be 300 miles with all birds flown from one loft using an electronic timer.

If excessive winds are forecasted along the race course the OLR manager has the ability to change the release location and time.

If high temperatures are forecasted along the race course the OLR manager has the ability to change the release location and time.

All birds belong to Breeders/Owners Of Entry, no buy backs, no auctions.

No one working for California Classic Loft will be permitted to enter birds.

All birds will be vaccinated for P.M.V. upon arrival.

A tax identification number recognized by the IRS(W-9 form) will be required prior to awarding of any prizes valued at $600 or more, and such awards will be reported as required by IRS regulations.

An Acknowledgement of Rules and Information form must be submitted along with perch fees when birds are shipped to California Classic Loft.

All birds that remain the evening of shipping that do not have perch fees and/or entry fees paid in full become property of California Classic and will be sold on a first come/first served basis.

No one will be allowed to handle their bird until the supervised night of shipping and loading for the California Classic race.

Return fees must be paid and bird(s) must be retrieved within 14 days of last race entered. If fees are not received in full within 14 days, the remaining birds will become property of California Classic. $65 shipping per box, add $10 for each bird over 2 per box.

The California Classic will not be held responsible for birds lost to unforeseen events.

The California Classic has the right to cancel/adjust the average speed race series

Lost or injured birds may be replaced by June 15

Loft manager reserves the right to make any and all decisions

Loft manager reserves the right to refuse entry to any breeder or attendee at his discretion

Ship To:

California Classic
(619) 454-7696
15622 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA 91935

Note: Include all required forms